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A long standing tradition in European Casinos, this version of Roulette is fun and easy to play. The player simply places their bet with casino chips or special coloured roulette chips are used, you determine the value of the chips when you buy in. After the bets have been placed on the layout, the Dealer spins the ball' if it lands where you have placed your chip(s), you win! The payoff is determined by how many numbers your chip has covered. Coloured roulette chips must be redeemed at the roulette table before you leave.

Inside Bets

Straight up – 35 to 1 (All numbers, zero and double zero)
Splits – 17 to 1 (Either of the tow numbers split)
Street – 11 to 1 (Any numbers on the line)
Corner – 8 to 1 (Any of the four numbers forming the corner)
Five Numbers – 6 to 1 (0, 00, 1,2 or 3)
Six Numbers – 5 to 1 (Any of the six numbers in the two rows bet)

Outside Bets

Column Bet - 2 to1 (Any of the 12 numbers in the column)
Dozen – 2 to1 (1 through 12, 13 through 24 or 25 through 36)

All outside bets lose when ball lands on 0 or 00