Cleopatra Keno

Cleopatra Keno by WGS is a thrilling take on the classic keno game, offering a unique twist with an ancient Egyptian theme. Cleopatra Keno captures the essence of Cleopatra’s era, immersing players in an enchanting atmosphere with its captivating graphics and sound effects.

The traditional keno numbers add a sense of familiarity to the game, making it accessible to both seasoned keno players and newcomers alike. The gameplay is smooth and easy to follow, with clear instructions and intuitive controls.

What sets Cleopatra Keno apart is its random bonus round, the Cleopatra’s Pyramid Bonus. This feature adds an element of surprise and excitement to the game, giving players the chance to unlock hidden treasures and multiply their winnings.

The combination of traditional keno numbers and the bonus round creates a well-rounded gaming experience. Cleopatra’s Keno delivers a perfect balance of simplicity and entertainment, making it a must-try for keno enthusiasts looking for a unique twist.